The Vertical Toolbox

The Vertical Tool Box Concept

Invented by Bob Reilly

In 1996 while working at a body shop, I found that it was frustrating and inefficient to unload the tools needed for the current job. Each day it was necessary to unload the tools to a rolling cart from the extra large, very expensive tool box and back again at night, and if you needed another tool during the job, it was another trip back to the main toolbox. The tool box held a large amount of tools but it was too big, cumbersome and impractical to move to the job site.

While discussing this problem with other mechanics, collision specialists, and tool salesmen, I discovered there wasn't an alternative. I believed there had to be a better way. A concept developed, if horizontal didn't work, how about vertical? I used vertical panels, which allowed tool storage on both sides of the panels and visually to see all the tools at a glance. This concept was more efficient, time saving, and held more tools than other toolboxes of an even larger size. By adding vertical socket, air tools, wrenches, and screwdriver holders it increased storage capacity in the same space, to 27,500 cubic inches in 40 square feet of hanging space. All of this was made for exceptional organization and efficiency.

I started out building this for my own use but as others saw it, I quickly realized that I had a winner! A small box, very efficient, time saving and reasonably priced.

I have a pilot friend, who is a paraplegic due to an airplane accident. He shared with me how difficult it was in a wheelchair trying to open doors and drawers of the currently available tool box and at one time while hunting for a tool, the tool box tipped. It frightened him to realize how easily it could have fallen on him. He believed my vertical tool box would be safer, easier to use, more efficient, and definitely wheelchair friendly.

Another person currently using my tool box is on crutches due to a lower extremity disability. He is an auto mechanic and has been using the tool box for three years and says it has made his job so much easier, safer, and is a time saver.

I did not realize while building the Vertical Tool Box how many people with a variety of disabilities could benefit because of its many safety features and accessibility. The safety features are the vertical roll out panels, retractable doors, four way locking casters, ball bearing glider slides, and the trim on each corner.

I feel extremely proud and satisfied that a product I invented is able to make a disabled person's job easier and safer!

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